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TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS YOU HAVE TO REACH BUYERS. When you advertise in TECH WORLD Market updates, you reach buyers, not just readers. That's because TECH WORLD is more than just a Tech magazine, it's an ICT advice & share info readers trust, and the Market updates is their buying resource guide.

REACH PROFESSIONALSWITH BUYING POWER TECH World is written for Tech-Savvy Managers, Home users. These decision-makers have the authority, knowledge, and budget to purchase computer products for their companies and themselves. Not only that, it will help you to upgrade yourself with the local market and ICT developments with government decisions.

NOT JUST FOR BUSINESS TECH World attracts the most Internet buyers of any measured computer or business publication. It helps readers buy for their homes, small businesses and home offices.

A COMMITTED AUDIENCE TECH World has high brand awareness and perceived value, staying at the top of mind among Tech-Savvy Managers. A RELIABLE GUIDE FOR INTERNET USERS BOTH OPTICAL FIBER & Wi-Max(IT CONCERNED PERSON'S) As Internet usage increase, so does the need for computer and Internet information and guidance - and TECH WORLD readership continues to grow.

Initiate Contact With Us If you understand what we need, then you'll be more able to start a positive dialogue by contacting the right person for the right reasons.

  • Products Above all, we want products. Everything you send or tell us should be about your product.
  • Press releases Make them topical and product orientated - they'll have a better chance of being read.
  • Phone calls If you cold call, you'll be asked to send a press release and review product.
  • Email some editors prefer to receive press releases by email, so ask each editor their preference. You can also send press releases to our central electronic database at info.techworldbd@gmail.com
  • Web sites if you have a Web site, include the address on your press release. If your product can be downloaded from there, include its exact location and file name.
  • Demonstrations If your product justifies an expert walk-through then call and arrange a time when you can come in and give us a demonstration. Your demo should be brief and concise, explaining exactly what's good about product, who it's for and how it works. In the case of an upgrade, we'll want to know how it's been improved.
  • Events A lunch, party or event can be the quickest way to bring your product to the attention of many editors. Such events are treated as work however, so make them work for you too.
  • Finally... Remember that getting editorial coverage is a process of trade-offs, like any other business exercise. We never guarantee coverage, and we never guarantee favourable coverage. But if you help us to do our job, we can help you do yours, ensuring that your products are being read about by people who you know want to buy them.

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