Apple is likely to launch three new handsets in the market. As per source, the handsets are to hit market within few days. Among these three handsets, one is likely to attract more than the rest, as per expectation and its specialty is 6.1” screen.

According to a recent report published by MAC, the design of 6.1” iPhone is like the iPhone-X contains. But, it would be more acceptable to the customers. Price of this new iPhone is not like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, rather it is $699 less than them, as the experts stated. These three iPhone handsets will compete much with the existing iPhone-X in the market. Even, the internal of these handsets is much better than other iPhone handsets.

The handsets also consist of ‘Face ID’ feature, besides the same navigation system as iPhone-X has. But, the handsets don’t contain Dual Camera and 3D touch system.

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