Managing Director of Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte Limited Mr. Chen Teck Beng is basically quite an aged person. But his unbound knowledge and tireless effort takes him beyond his age that makes him like almost invincible. His modern thoughts towards business development are likely to cause a huge expansion for Hitachi products and services in Asia region. As Singaporean, he is the first person who has been appointed as Managing Director of Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte Limited. This is his second visit in Bangladesh. The main purpose of this visit is to expand the business of Hitachi products and services. In a press conference organized by Hitachi’s distributor Unique Business System Limited in Bangladesh, a correspondent of the Monthly TechWorld Bangladesh got an opportunity to take an interview of this great personality. The major parts are presented over here: 

Question: Generally, most of the Managing Directors of Hitachi Company are from Japan, so far. You are the first Singaporean who has been appointed for this position. So, do you see any challenges in this regard?

Answer: In that case, firstly I would like to speak of perseverance which is quite essential in every sphere of our life. Later, I would like to talk about skilled and effective business partnership which is considered quite helpful for business expansion. In case of business expansion, partners’ active contribution is must and I am really grateful for the tremendous contribution of our business partners and colleagues. Apart from these, in case of confronting any challenges, taking right decisions at right time and providing proper solutions are more necessary.    

Question: As currently you are responsible for the expansion of Hitachi business in Asia region, which country you think is more potential in this region?

Answer: Considering Bangladesh’s current remarkable progress in ICT sector and general people’s interest towards ICT, Bangladesh seems to me much potential in this regard so far.

Question: This is your second visit in Bangladesh. So, what’s the main purpose of this visit?

Answer: Basically, this time we are here to understand the market of Bangladesh. Besides, we are also looking for new partnerships so that we can expand our business more in Bangladesh.

Question: To fulfill the consumers’ aspirations, what does Hitachi usually emphasize on in case of supplying products?

Answer: We always have been prioritizing Bangladesh in regard of business expansion. Today we are actually here for business expansion of Hitachi. We have been running business over here for around last 20 years and we aim to get established as the market leader. Besides standard product design, we usually emphasize on modern technology, product-quality and reliance. Moreover, we actually work on those products which will be suitable for the local environment and meet the consumers’ demands.  

Question: How do Hitachi products, especially the home appliances accentuate our everyday life?

Answer: We, generally, work on the products which prove beneficial for the users in their everyday life. Apart from product design, application of latest and modern technology, product quality and reliance, we also pay our concentration upon products’ beautification. A user will take a Hitachi product to home, so in that case the issue of beautification can’t be ignored. Another fact is saving electricity. Considering this issue, Hitachi products are generally manufactured.   

Question: Do have any particular business plan for the ICT market in Bangladesh?  

Answer: ICT is a very important sector for us. We have been working on ICT segments for long. We are already working with the Bangladesh Government in different projects including Primary Education. So, undoubtedly ICT is a key fact for us.

Question: How many distributors do you have in Bangladesh currently?

Answer: Currently, we have two distributors in Bangladesh including Unique Business System Limited.

Question: IoT, currently, is expanding broadly across the whole world and Hitachi is a fact in this regard. So, does Hitachi have any particular planning for IoT sector?

Answer: Right now, we are working on numbers of IoT solutions. Lots of changes are already introduced in Hitachi’s end-to-end solutions in order to execute different planning including healthcare, transportation, energy, retail and manufacturing industries. Besides, we also have a huge plan regarding IoT in future.  

Thank you so much Sir to give us time from your busy schedule.

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