Grameenphone, the smart connectivity provider, has brought exciting Eid and Ramadan offers for GPStars providing delightful experiences and exclusive discounts to its valued customers. With a focus on customer-centricity, Grameenphone aims to enhance the festive season by partnering with renowned outlets across various categories.

With the advent of Ramadan, it's time to embark on the preparations for the joyous Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. Delighting customers nationwide, Grameenphone has collaborated with an extensive range of over 7000 partner outlets from diverse segments, amplifying the festive spirit to new heights. Customers can enjoy special rewards in various categories, including Grocery, Restaurant, Travel, Fashion, Electronics, and other Lifestyle Categories. With an aim to provide delightful experiences, this initiative is designed to acknowledge and appreciate the loyalty of GPStar customers during the auspicious occasions of Ramadan and Eid.

To further enhance the customer experience, GPStar has partnered with renowned restaurants, fashion houses, sought-after retailers, and other trusted brands to offer exclusive privileges. Customers can avail themselves of Buy1Get1, Get2, or Get3 offers at 20 participating restaurants, including Six Season, Serina, Midori by Lakeshore, Lakeshore Banani, and more. Additionally, GPStar customers can enjoy exclusive Iftar and Sehri offers at 11 additional restaurants, such as Amari Dhaka, Westin, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Best Western Plus, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Well Park, and Grand Sylhet.

In line with Grameenphone’s commitment to making customers’ lives easier and convenient, GPStar customers can also avail discounts while shopping for groceries online from popular platforms like Swapno, Meena Bazar, Chaldal, Astha Food, and Bazar 365. Furthermore, GPStar customers can indulge in special discounts at 28 Fashion and Accessories Stores, including Lotto, Lee Cooper, Shada Kalo, Demand, Bluecheese, Mirror, Al Haramain, Orion, Vibrant, Co-walk, Hermizone, MENZ KLUB, SARA lifestyle, Bishwarang, Giordano, Tahoor, Mansha, KZ International, Crocodile BD Limited, Turaag Active, Face 2, Adi Mohan Mohini Kanjilal, Shadakalo, Providence, Watches World, Al Haramain, Hijab Book, Baah, and many more as customers embrace the festivities get ready for celebrations with family and friends. To make the upcoming long holiday and Eid homecoming even more delightful GPStars can avail exclusive discounts and special perks during their travel with Grameenphone’s esteemed partners, including Novo Air, Sharetrip, and Air Astra. 

Grameenphone understands the diverse needs of its customers and extends its offers beyond specific categories. GPStar customers can also benefit from discounts on electronics, books, health care, ridesharing, and more. By collaborating with various partners, these wide-ranging offers reflect GPStar's dedication to rewarding its customers and enabling online shopping, thus simplifying their journey. Through innovation, personalized solutions, and seamless connectivity, Grameenphone strives to enhance the lives of its customers, making every moment memorable.

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