After about 11 hours, the engineers of Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) have succeeded in fixing the DNS server error of the web address .bd domain representing Bangladesh in the Internet world. However, you may have to wait some more time to visit the websites under this domain.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Company (BTCL) Public Relations and Publication Branch General Manager Mir Mohammad Morshed told this to media on Wednesday night at 11:55 PM. However, when he informed about the problem of opening several public and private sites, he said that the DNS of the concerned domain has been resolved. However, the screen shots of the links shared are not showing the content due to compatibility issues, he said.

Another source said, even if the root domain network system (DNS) error of Bangladesh’s virtual national identity is fixed, it may take some time to have its impact on the site. Because even if everything is fine after updating DNS, propagation takes time.

Earlier, in a press release on Wednesday afternoon, BTCL informed that the .bd domain has been closed since 8:40 am due to a technical error. However, the .bangla domain service is operational. However, around 30,000 websites were down as Bangladesh’s top-level domain .bd was ‘unavailable’ throughout the day. But many people have been able to use them using VPN servers. However, as a result of this error, not only government sites, but all sites and services with the .bd domain were closed. These include Daraz, Startech, Ryan’s Computer, Evaly, and various Bangladeshi e-commerce services.

It is worth noting that, due to cyber security, the .bd domain has to pass a layer of security when it communicates with the root level domain. That layer is DNSSEC. This key needs to be updated periodically, usually after a year.

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