A day-long 'Youth Tech Summit' has been organized in the capital to introduce the country's young entrepreneurs to the current globally discussed technologies such as artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

This conference will be held at the Krishibid Institution Bangladesh(KIB) in the capital next Wednesday (May 22).

Regarding the arrangement, Ariful Hasan Apu, President of Bangladesh Innovation Forum and Advisor to NASA Space Apps Challenge Bangladesh, told Techworld Bangladesh, The contemporary world is buzzing with discussions about artificial intelligence. Its impact on people's daily lives is felt particularly strongly in developed countries. he changing times are affecting the daily lives of people in our country across various aspects such as lifestyle, education, employment, and profession. Due to the impact of this technology, there will be changes in our future, and to prepare the youth for these changes, it's necessary to provide them with guidance and direction. Hence, a Tech Summit is being organized in the capital city to introduce the youth to artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, along with the necessary skills.

AKM Fahim Mashroor, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BD Jobs told Techworld Bangladesh, Artificial intelligence has been ruling the tech world for the past few years. Because of this, everything is changing in the world. It is also affecting Bangladesh. We believe that only promising young entrepreneurs can manage everything in the country in the coming days using this new and powerful technology. I would like to inform these young entrepreneurs of 25-30 years about these technologies well. So that they can lead the trend of new cutting-edge technology. The technological skills they have, so that they get an opportunity to speak on a platform. At the same time, people like us who have been working as entrepreneurs in IT for a long time, can share our work experience. We are organizing this conference to share our experiences and skills between the two generations.

The chief executive officer of today's deal also said that the budget of the national parliament is coming up. What should the budget plan for these young entrepreneurs, there is no alternative to financial support to advance their businesses.  If they can't keep up with the current technology trends and move their business forward, future entrepreneurs may face the impact of artificial intelligence. As entrepreneurs of old companies, we have reached a stage. Young entrepreneurs need to be financially supported to take their companies to the next level. In that place, what kind of support they can get from the government in the next budget will also be discussed. We are organizing 'Youth Tech Summit' to discuss these issues.

This day-long conference will feature three specialized sessions and a technical presentation. The first session is titled 'Getting Ready for the New AI World'. In this session, two main keynotes focusing on content-centric topics will be presented. The second session is titled 'Entrepreneurship Journey: Experience Sharing from Successful Young Tech Entrepreneurs'. In this session, 10 speakers will discuss the topic. The third session is titled 'What Young IT Entrepreneurs Want from Government in the Upcoming Budget?'

The organizers have announced that 30 speakers from this sector will participate in the sessions. The conference aims to empower young and successful tech entrepreneurs to strategize and chart their own course by engaging with AI and other emerging technologies.

It is known that the conference will address the type of skills development, training, labs, research, and public-private partnership policies required for experts to excel in global AI competitions. Additionally, it will cover topics such as initiative-based initiatives.

The organizers of the conference are Bangladesh Innovation Forum, JCI Bangladesh, BIJF, Nijer Bolar Moto Ekti Golpo Foundation, BDApps, Venture Capital and Private Equity Association of Bangladesh (VCPIAB), Youth in Tech, Rise Above All, BYLC, GEN and Daffodil Network.

Pre-registration is going on to participate in the conference. Click on this link to get the registration form. 

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