Huawei’s flagship store has been launched in the Chinese market with the provision of coffee and gym in the mobile shop. Each of which has been launched a short distance away from the tech giant Apple’s store. Huawei authorities say that such an initiative is taken to drive Apple’s customers to the Huawei flagship store.

The Huawei flagship store in Shanghai covers an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters. It is spread over three floors of a traditional architectural building. There are coffee shops, gyms and restrooms. Buyers can get additional benefits along with buying the mobile of their choice. Analysts see this marketing policy of Huawei as positive.

Chinese telecom technology company Huawei has faced a series of trade restrictions from the United States and its Western allies over the past few years. However, the Chinese company has been able to increase revenue by constantly releasing new electronics products in the market. The company launched exceptional stores to challenge US tech giant Apple in its home country.

Huawei has launched four state-of-the-art stores in major Chinese cities from December last year to February this year. The Chinese telecom technology company is currently developing its own chips to increase its capabilities. Huawei has already overtaken the iPhone in the Chinese market. The first quarter of the year reports that iPhone sales fell by 6.6 percent. And 110 percent increase in shipments of Huawei smartphones.

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