Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of UY Systems Limited Farhana A Rahman is contesting in the election of the directorial board of ICT businessmen’s leading association Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) for the term 2018-20.

Farhana A Rahman commenced her journey with UY Systems almost 16 years ago along with two employees only. But, she didn’t take much time to get succeeded. She didn’t stop within the boundary of the outsourcing based company. Gradually, her business got expanded. She also took part in social activities and got honored with different awards.

She was also recognized with ‘Women Exporter of the Year’ award from International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development. Even, in the Digital World 2015, she achieved recognition of ‘Best Women Entrepreneur’. Besides, she also achieved different awards both locally and globally.

She is also serving as Vice Chairman of the current BASIS Executive Committee. Besides, this ICT entrepreneur also had been involved in different directorial boards of BASIS. She thinks, it is not enough to be a successful entrepreneur. One must have strong desire in case of intending to operate an association or work regularly being involved in it.

She is contesting in the election from the panel ‘Team Horizon’ and everyone in the panel possesses such strong desire, as he thinks. They already have proved it. Farhana A Rahman spoke of BASIS Election to be held on coming March 31.

Question: Tell us about your election manifesto?

Farhana A Rahman: We are emphasizing on three issues. Firstly, to find out new market for ICT products export. Besides Europe and America, we also would like to export the Bangladeshi ICT products to our neighboring countries or the countries which are going to be ICT based. Like, we can talk about different African countries, Afghanistan or Japan. I am talking about Japan as their market is really huge. We have an opportunity to enter the Japanese market. For this reason we intend to develop a model of buying house or marketing agency. If such agencies are established in our country, ICT products can be easily exported. Secondly, what is our actual condition in ICT sector? To find it we have to go for a survey, so that we can have the real condition of the whole industry. Another fact is technology trend is changing rapidly. Now, the age of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is about to emerge. So, those who are working over here have to cope up with such technologies and for this, we have to organize training sessions following certain strategies. Apart from these, we also want to put an emphasis on ethical hacking and create skilled manpower as well in this regard.

Question: You also had been involved in BASIS directorial board earlier. Could you work as per your previous election manifesto?

Farhana A Rahman: Yes, I was able to fulfill many of them.

Question: You are a woman entrepreneur. It can be said that you are an entrepreneur of the initial stage of country’s IT sector. Even, you are responsible for Women Forum of BASIS as convener. Do you have any plan for women specially?

Farhana A Rahman: Actually, it doesn’t refer that only the women members of BASIS belong to Women Forum. Women teachers from different universities also can be involved in the forum. Even, the forum also consists of such women members who are about to start small startups. Many of them have already started. A mentoring system has to be introduced regarding how they can start business, how they can get loans from banks and how they will introduce their products in the global market or how they will maintain communication. Apart from these, so far country’s IT companies are not so much women friendly as work stations. So, we would like to work to create awareness in this regard.

Question: What’s the specialty of TeamHorizon?

Farhana A Rahman: We have followed the 3-3-3 strategy to form this panel. Among 9, 3 are from the current BASIS Executive Committee. This is because we would like to progress the previous projects. Another 3 preformed in previous different committees and their experience can be utilized. It is impossible to move forward without the formers, as today we have been able to reach here only because of them. On the other hand, 3 are completely new and quite young so that we can have new leadership. Overall, it is a combined panel.          

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