Are you up to change your wiring system? Any problem in water line? You are looking for plumber, but can’t you find any? Do you need any car to roaming around or ambulance for patients? Looking for house-rent to reside? For all of these, you certainly have to struggle a lot. But now, you need not to get tensed. Just a single click and all of your problems are solved.  

Despite sounding strange, it is not a rumor. This impossible has been made possible by Tanveer Faisal. He is a student of Marketing Department in the University of Rajshahi. With the relentless effort since last one year, he has been able to develop such website on his own effort enriched with huge updated database.

Now you can get all of your regular essential requirements at a time in the website ‘’. You can avail your desired service from thousands of services existing in online. You just select your category, click on it and the service is at your doorstep.

Doctors, teachers, engineers, advocates and even orchestra, beautician, bricklayers, plumbers, cook, house or hotel rent, hospitals, schools-colleges all are available over here. You can have all the important contact numbers of police stations, ambulance, fire service or local public representatives in the website.

Entrepreneur of Mr. Tanveer said- Considering to do something for the general people in the country, I have developed the website with my own effort enriched with huge database. Subscribers can get above 80 services from three categories available in the website.

Subscribers can enjoy the services from their respective regions or cities. Besides, they will also be able to post ads for free of cost. He aimed to create a platform by connection people from all professions and castes in the country. That’s because people’s essential and desiring services got almost detached due to the busy life. Tanveer Faisal intends to unite and bring all the services under a common platform through is such a website where you can find your daily required services in a moment. Firstly, you just need to select your desired service. Then you have to select your region. operations are currently operated everywhere in Bangladesh. It takes not more than two minutes to post an ad in the website. You can sign-up for free and also can post ads or remove them easily.

A vast revolution in the IT sector of Bangladesh has already been introduced coping up with the rest of the world, as Tanveer thinks. The more people utilize technology, the more working standard rises and resultantly, our time and effort will be saved.

Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) of Rajshahi Mohammad Salahuddin said- Tanveer already had a discussion with him regarding this website. He went through the website and found it quite good. Now, he is up to try to do something for Tanveer whether he can get any government support considering the effectiveness of his website.    

But currently, the District Administration doesn’t have any sufficient funds. That’s why the Additional Deputy Commissioner is up to help him in an alternative way. Source:Banglanews24

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