Humanoid robot ‘Sophia’ visited India after Bangladesh. Sophia is world’s first robot that achieved citizenship provided by any country. Sophia participated at IIT Bombay TechFest in India on November 30, 2017.

During her visit in Bangladesh, Sophia wore a ‘Jamdani Sari’ (Sub continental attire). She wore the same attire during her stay in India too. She focused on the relationship between robots and human beings in the TechFest. She also rejected a marriage proposal offered over here.

She stayed in the program for around 20 minutes. In the program, a student proposed Sophia for marriage. In reply, Sophia said-I can’t accept the proposal. But, thanks for the offer.  

At the beginning of the program, Sophia greeted all saying ‘Namaste’ in Indian style. Then, she started answering questions asked by all. This was Sophia’s first visit in India.

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