This time the co-founder of Apple Mr. Steve Wozniak quit Facebook. Due to the misusage of Facebook users’ personal information, he gave up with this popular social media. He already removed his personal Facebook ID.

Recently in an interview with the news media USA Today, Steve said- Facebook consists of both positive and negative impacts. But, the negative side is more active, as I think. That’s why I removed my Facebook ID.

He also said- Apple produces their products with the cost of their own through which users get benefited. Users usually share their different personal information in Facebook. Utilizing them, Facebook earns a lot through advertisements. But, in return users don’t get benefited.

Few days ago, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk removed the Facebook accounts of Tesla and SpaceX owned by him. By this time, even the co-founder of WhatsApp Mr. Brian Acton also introduced a new hashtag in Twitter named ‘Delete Facebook’.   

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