Number of internet users in the country has been increased up to 14 lakh in a month. Current number of internet users in country is 80 million 45 lakh and 45 thousand. Previously in last February, the figure was 31 lakh 41 thousand.

This figure was mentioned in the statistics of internet users published by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) during last March. Current internet users in the country is 70 million 87 lakh and 89 thousand which is at least 13 lakh more than the previous month, as BTRC stated. Basically, number of mobile internet users has got increased after 4G internet service was launched in last February.

On the other hand, in March, number of Wimax users was 87 thousand, whereas ISP including PSTN users were 56 lakh and 69 thousand.

It is to be noted that BTRC considers those internet users who use internet in their sims at least for once in last 90 days. Image source: The Asian Age

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