Image and video sharing social media Instagram has introduced a new feature to re-share posts. In case of liking any pictures of Discovery, users can share it writing his or her own comment on it. Even, the friends also can get tagged. But, no posts can be re-shared except public accounts. If any user wants to keep his or her re-share option closed, then he or she has to do this accessing the Settings option.

In regard of desiring to share any story in Instagram Feed, user has to go directly to Messaging option. There will be a new option to create new stories in which there will be written ‘Create a new story with this post’. The post along with the background will be seen in shape of sticker after it is tapped. The name of the original image up-loader will be seen if the post is shared. Even, users can tap it to see the original post. Still this new feature didn’t reach all the users. But, it will be soon. Image collected.   

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