Some are getting embarrassed due to applying technology in world cup football in a positive manner. And for this embarrassment, many of the viewers got satisfied among who Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic is a remarkable name. This current top tennis player in world ranking made such comment after Serbia vs Switzerland football match held on June 22.

In this match, Serbia was made scapegoat due to a controversial decision, as he complained. He said- On that night I was not in well mood. I would like to consider Serbia’s defeat to Switzerland is a bad luck. The boys really played well in the first half. But, unfortunately they lost the game at the end. But, the result could be otherwise, if the referee allowed the penalty which Serbia deserved. I just didn’t understand why the referee didn’t appeal for the review.  

After a match held in Queens Club, Novak Djokovic shared his such thoughts while talking about football in a press conference.  

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