ICT sector is getting affluent gradually in Bangladesh as the technology itself changing rapidly in every second. So if anyone wants to do better in ICT profession or even in business need to be connected with the update news and information of the happenings of ICT. The common source of the news and information is internet. But the scenario wasn’t so; it was the print media that contains the news and information for all to get updated. Most of the newspaper contains different area to cover so there all the sectors are not treated similarly. Then it is the magazines that usually published focusing any specific area to cover. A magazine has the opportunity to cover all in detail and it has the shelf life that is more then a newspaper. Magazines give a thorough insight into the sector they focused like ICT and others. Today we are talking about the ICT magazines in Bangladesh and its contribution towards the digital transformation of the industry as a thrust sector to consider after Readymade Garments in Bangladesh.

IT magazines deal with the latest news of information technology world. Sometimes they publish the particular issue on the different matter. These kinds of magazines are published weekly, quarterly or monthly. Presently most popular IT magazines have their own web issue. An innovative tech magazine usually rings up the real picture of the IT world. IT magazines are proven brands for promoting design methodologies and present them towards the young generations. They provide quality and structured design learning service to the passionate designers of the society. IT magazine is such platform where technology gets well formatted and it also inspires young tech lovers to speed up their passion and knowledge. News from all corners of the world is published in IT magazines in both Bengali and English whether it is event, update, and design, inspirational or motivational articles.

We support a strong involvement between the Government and the ICT magazines and news media to make the ICT development more comprehensive and sustainable--- Rashed Kamal, Editor & Publisher, The Monthly C News

             Rashed Kamal
C News, since its inception two decades back, has been striving to raise critical awareness on ICT in the society while making ICT information, news and views available to the general people. We also have been playing a key role in policy lobbying by sensitizing policy makers and representatives of other sectors on various dimensions of ICT. We have also been actively supporting the ongoing Digital Bangladesh campaign of the Government through awareness building, organization of events, advocacy and constructive journalism. We also have launched a platform for ICT entrepreneurs which will equip them with necessary skills and linkages. Our roundtables, seminars and other programs have been bridging the gap between the policymakers, academia, civil society, journalists, ICT specialists and the general people.
The ICT based magazines and news media, although quite small in number, have been a key advocate of the Digital Bangladesh campaign. The impact of these media is very strong as a large portion of the youth community of Bangladesh read these magazines and takes part in various programs organized by them.  The education, inspiration and empowerment initiatives undertaken by these magazines have had far-reaching impacts on the mindset of the young people of Bangladesh as well as on the policy makers, corporate sector and the broder cross-sections of people. In spite of the challenges posed by social and electronic media, the magazines continue their role as catalysts of social change with the help of ICT.
Although the role of the magazines in the advancement o the ICT sector of Bangladesh has been phenomenal, unfortunately, they are not getting the necessary support, appreciation and recognition from all quarters. This is due to a number of factors including the lack of awareness about the roles of the magazines, communication gap between the news media and the community, etc., which needs to be addressed immediately.
The linkage between the Government and the ICT magazines needs to be strengthened since these magazines can really make far-reaching impacts on the ongoing Digital Bangladesh campaign. ICT has been proved to be an effective tool for bringing about transformative changes in the society. The ICT magazines can help the government in this regard through their educational, informative, policy lobbing, advocacy and awareness raising initiatives. Therefore, we support a strong association between the Government and the ICT magazines and news media to make our ICT development more comprehensive and sustainable.

An IT magazine aims to share information regarding all tech news for providing best support for the people and provide a clear career path for better future through technical innovation. There are lots of traditional magazines available which publish regional events, some common news, and some public demanding unnecessary news for entertainment purpose only but an IT magazine has broken all the so-called trends. An IT magazine basically aware the general people regarding the current IT world, tech product updates and surrounding tech happenings. It is also a good resource for quality and well-researched articles to reach maximum people who keenly interested in recent happenings in IT world.

Contribution to ICT Industry:

ICT magazines follow up to date news, especially pertaining to ICT business. Also it offers ICT development news, product market advice, and in-depth coverage on major businesses and business events. In addition to digital economy and business, the magazines also delve into the world digital economy movements, providing specific information on the various digital transformations from countries throughout the world. IT magazines currently cover everything important to digital Bangladesh, from ICT innovation to implementation, ICT utilization to security, both at home and abroad. Computer Jagat (1991) then the Computer Bichitra are the oldest magazines of Bangladesh. Afterwards in 1996 The PCWorld Bangladesh. The magazines have everything you want. Amusing as well as inspirational tales, news reports, articles on a wide range of things, interviews and discussions with many people of ICT sectors not only the leaders. Young people used to learn computer by reading such magazine once. As internet penetration in Bangladesh is a recent activity.

We believe that a magazine can be a bludgeon of a movement for any sector. Considering this into our mind, Computer Jagat always has been dedicated to foster the development of ICT sector in Bangladesh- Golap Munir, Editor, The Monthly Computer Jagat

                Golap Munir
Computer Jagat is the first IT magazine in our country published in Bangla since the year of 1991. We believed that a magazine can be a bludgeon of a movement for any sector. Considering this into our mind Computer Jagat always has been dedicated to foster the development of ICT sector in Bangladesh. And we had the understanding that only ICT can change the country and it was reflected in our first cover story that was ‘জনগণের হাতে কমপিউটার চাই’(We want computer for all of our people). We always were in the favor of the development of ICT sector in our country through the comprehensive use of computers in mass.
We used to be very much out spoken regarding the industry demand so does the people. We were the first to introduced the computer learning tutorials inside the magazine to skilled our youth in IT. It was before the Internet insertion in our country. So the magazines were only the source to learn and get informed about IT. We did not only keep ourselves engage only in publication but also engaged ourselves with sort of activities like conduct seminar, symposium, computer fair, press conference. The main focus of such activities was to connect our juvenile IT talents of the country as well as IT specialists of the country working abroad, beyond our traditional journalistic activities. We were also very much focused on the contemporary demands of the ICT sector, e.g at the same time. In the year of 2003 we were the first to demand to have our own satellite and published a story on it in October issue. Now it is the reality. Like such we used to raised our voice through our publication on different issues that required to have a digital Bangladesh. We strongly believe in that as being the pioneer in IT magazine Computer Jagat has tried its best to contribute the development of ICT industry since its insertion.
Besides Computer Jagat there were number of vernacular ICT magazine in this country. Most of them have failed to survive. Few of them are being published irregularly. Right now only some of the magazine along with Computer Jagat has been able to publish its publication as regular. But like us all are facing the hard time to survive. To be very honest the ICT-based magazines in our country are in a serious threat about their survival. Where their contribution helps the ICT industry not only to survive but to develop and grow.  .
Considering the contribution of ICT magazines to foster the ICT industry we do believe that they are not getting sufficient prop up that they deserve.
In this circumstance, we feel an urgent government initiative should be initiated  to support the ICT magazine of the country, so that they can continue their regular publication and continue their contribution to the ICT industry. We think government should have a compassionate advertisement policy in favor of the ICT magazines where they can add the government tenders and announcements. Moreover, Government can support providing a cash incentive that may help them to survive. And they deserve it.

In Bangladesh, most of the IT magazines are mainly focused on digital Development- the space where innovation and entrepreneurship meet business tech. It offers the latest news and views on innovation, startups, developers, disruptive technology as well as their impact on business and society. Tech magazine delivers a unique blend of analysis, features and expert advice on topics including mobile, apps, AI, drones, cloud, cyber security, big data, wearable tech, social media, user experience, e-commerce and tech startups. It highlights the impact of 3rd platform technologies on a set of industries including financial services, retail, travel and leisure, public sector, manufacturing, automotive and creative and digital. It is IT magazine that focused the tech based news firstly in Bangladesh. Even, the dailies didn’t cover any news in this regard earlier. To do such contributions, different IT magazines like The Monthly Computer Jagat (1991) , Computer Bichitra (1996), Computer Barta (1997),PC World Bangladesh (1996), PC Quest, Computer Tomorrow, e-Biz, Technology Today and many more. It was the time of closing of 19th century when such magazines contribute the industry to grow. The number of IT magazines was more than fifteen. They are the leaders in media who made the policy makers and readers to understand that IT is the future of Bangladesh. Those magazines’ contribution to develop the ICT market is huge that matters in digital transformation of the country. Afterwards in 20th century some new magazine insertions like The Monthly Corporate, C News (2002), The Monthly TechWorld Bangladesh (2011) make the Magazine industry extensive. Henceforth, the dailies, following the magazines, started focusing IT news just in a corner containing 1 column of 4” or maximum 2 columns of 8”.  It was then, now the dailies allow a dedicated page for ICT sector along with daily IT corner more then 4-5 column 10 inch. Basically, the contribution of magazines for IT expansion in Bangladesh is really huge. Flowingly, today different dailies both Bangla and English are giving much importance on IT news. Even, many of them have allocated a single page dedicatedly for IT news and it has been running so since last 7 to 8 years.

The government has set a target of earning $5bn from software export by 2021. It is optimistic about the target considering the growth trend. The way the country’s ICT industry is growing, software export will reach $1bn by next year and $5bn by 2021. The exports emphasized the united efforts of the IT companies and freelance software developers to achieve the goal. Bangladesh earns over $100m from freelancing and another $100m from outsourcing while the software earnings amount to $700m. Although the current size of Bangladesh IT industry – software/ITES industry in particular – is still lot smaller compared to the overall economy and the number of population, over the last few years the industry has grown considerably and is expected to grow at that rate for some time. The growth has been driven by both good export trends in recent years as well as the growing IT automation demand in domestic market. Basically, our local ICT sector has huge potentials next to RMG and through these potentials, today Bangladesh has been able to enhance skills in using modern technologies like internet of thinks, artificial intelligence and robotics. Behind this success or achievement, whatever we say, we must admit the contributions of our local IT magazines in expansion of our IT sector across the world.

Our current readers need to get informed about the usage of IT in our country in past. Previously, once our IT sector went through a stagnant period. But, even then, the IT magazines proved themselves momentous to create a technology based society
- Bhuiyan Inam Lenin, Founder & Senior Editor, The Monthly Computer Bichitra

        Bhuiyan Inam Lenin
When we started our journey with Computer Bichitra in 1996, usage of ICT just emerged in the country. Using computers was gradually increasing. Computer businessmen in the country offered free computer training besides selling computers. All the books provided in the training were written in difficult English. It was even quite difficult to read. Operating computers was too hard. For this, we used to need practical training.
During that time, I took an initiative to publish a computer magazine in Bangla, so that all the interested common people can learn computer easily by heart. It is to be mentioned that I had started my journalism career in the year of 1978 with country’s oldest science magazine ‘Biggan Shamoyiki (বিজ্ঞান সাময়িকী) then ‘Ononna’ (অন্যন্যা) in 1988 and then ‘Computer Jagat’ (কমপিউটার জগত) in 1991. Later, I have been engaged in my own magazine ‘Computer Bichitra’ (‘কমপিউটার বিচিত্রা) since 1996.  
Then, I started Computer Bichitra, Ajam Mahmud former prominent sportsperson and journalist of Suprovat Bangladesh encouraged me the most to published the magazine. I am blessed having the support from Professor Mohammad Yunus (Nobel Prize winner), popular science fiction writer Dr. Abdullah Al Muti Sorfuddin, Rokonuzzaman Khan Dadabhai, IT Scientist and writer and Professor of the University of Shahjalal Science and Technology Mohammad Zafor Iqbal to published the magazine. ‘Computer Bichitra’ was named by Dr. Abdullah Al Muti Sorfuddin.   
We got huge responses across the country after the publication of computer magazine in Bangla. We also got highly inspired by all. Specially, we received huge responses from the school and college students. Considering everyone’s inspiration and intense interest shown by Mr. Aziz of Superior Electronics, we started a quiz contest in Computer Bichitra and the first prize was a Personal Computer. Besides, other prizes were printer, scanner, UPS and so on. The Superior Electronics sponsored the entire contest including the prizes. Apart from this, we also created a cover story by conducting survey over hundred schools and colleges regarding computer usage.   
That time computer was very much expensive to afford. Even, the tax was also high. Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) demanded for tax exemption from the government. Computer Bichitra in association with BCS installed 10 billboard to campaign for tax exemption mentioned ‘Let Computer be Tax Free for General People’ (জনগনের জন্য কমপিউটারের ট্যাক্স মউকুফ করুন). The cover story of Computer Bichitra was prpared on the basis of the demand for tax exemption. As per recommendation of former BCS Secretary General Ahmed Hasan Juwel, the cover was designed with the images of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Khaleda Zia and Hussain Mohammad Ershad. The period was of March or April of 1997/ 1998. After the publication, there was huge reaction across the country. The former Finance Minister Shah S M Kibria gave a positive response towards BCS President Aftabul Islam regarding tax exemption.  
Despite the computer usage in the foreign banks during that time, computers were just introduced in the local banks. Conducting a huge survey on IT usage in banks, we developed a cover story. Just after that, to inspire all the existing financial institutions in the country for IT usage there was a grant from World Bank equivalent to around taka one thousand crore. There was another cover story published on this issue too in Computer Bichitra.    
Apart from this, another updated cover story was published later which was based on IT usage in country’s around 300 big organizations and planning for expansion of ICT Division in future
The objective of sharing all the information is to inform the current readers about the IT usage and planning during the past in our country. There were only few computer magazines during that stagnant ICT period. But, these magazines played a significant role enough to build up technology based society.   
Most of the readers of these magazines were the students. Current Digital Bangladesh is the outcome of the effort we gave to establish the pillar of IT in our country twenty years ago.
But the survival of the magazine gradually is becoming harder due to the increased expense of printing and operational cost. Moreover the changing strategy of marketing reduced the advertisement. People prepare the digital advertisement rather the print. The magazine industry need to exist. So considering the contribution of computer magazines, Government and ICT industry should support for the survival of these magazines. In regard of advertisements, there has to be some tremendous contributions from both Hardware and Software industry. This is because contribution of magazines is undoubtedly praiseworthy to motivate the government in case of development of the software sector as well as supporting the government for software development. So, cooperation in this regard from both government and private sector is usually expected.

Current Scenario:

Young generation in Bangladesh is very enthusiastic and has correctly identified IT as the future of the country. There are numerous computer clubs, computer festivals, programming contests, web design contests, IT related seminars and discussions in many cities of the country. There are numbers of IT magazines are being published monthly and some daily newspapers publish IT pages once/twice a week. A few of the magazines are in collaboration with other international magazines, however, most of these are Bangladeshi origin. But, due to the rapid expansion of different social media campaigns, digital marketing, Google ads, our local entrepreneurs are getting interested more in digital system. They don’t show interest in magazines like previously. So, resultantly, the magazine ad revenue is declining. The number of IT magazine has going down from 15 to 7/8 only because the harsh circumstances of survival. But its contribution to develop the industry has never been addressed and recognized officially. It is dismal to believe. Now the country is transforming faster into digital and government is very much keen to support the industry to grow. There are lots of projects and other initiatives like software park, Hi-tech park, salary incentive, infrastructural support, fund, skill enhancement training   taken by both the government and non-government sectors to sustain the Software industry , Hardware industry , startup companies as a whole. Even, incubators are also provided from the government for the startups. But, still there is no initiatives taken for the survival of the magazine sector which actually has been showing the way towards digital transformation since 1996. Basically, tech magazines work on imparting knowledge on the fundamental as well as advanced areas of computer science and information technology in a simple and straightforward way to the common people. This is obviously a digital age. But still, there are lots of readers out there who prefer magazines or print medias than online ones. Our government is trying hard to get all the rural areas under digitalization and the goal will be achieved we believe. But, till then, magazine will work alternatively, as it has been doing since long. On the other hand, people still prefer hardcopies to get to know about the IT world as these are available everywhere. To be honest, for our own sake, we should take some initiatives for the survival of such IT based magazines. Besides, we also hope some remarkable initiatives to be taken from the government part too in this regard. In recent days, when multinational companies charge a huge amount of fees for their so-called ‘high-end courses’, different IT magazines always make it a point to pass on computer awareness to the masses with a very nominal charge. An IT magazine helps to spread computer literacy through vernacular, spread technology awareness, spread computer science awareness, build comprehensive “Bangla  Paribhasha” for  technological terms, encourage budding technology writers, analyze impact of technology on socio-economic life, interaction platform with Subject experts, know all about subject career opportunity etc. in Computer Science and Engineering, research trends and experts’ opinions and shows a path to shape career in computer Science. Despite all these significant contributions for ICT industry development, today magazine sector is not recognized anywhere, though IT magazines had huge impacts behind the digitalization we experience today in our country.

Why Revenue Falls

  • Increase of social media campaign
  • Transforming the traditional marketing into digital
  • Decrease of hardware market and its nature of business
  • Increase of unhealthy marketing competition
  • Increase of Gray market in Hardware sector
  • Change the nature of development
  • Software sector is not willing to promote their product in local market
  • Lack of the practice of business standard and Business Promotion
  • Increase of exposition and exhibition
  • Increasing the Printing cost
  • Unhealthy competitions among the magazines itself
  •  Lack of community movements with mission and vision
We always should remember that we got benefited by the magazines regarding IT sector when the internet was not available in our country. So, considering this, we all should come forward for the survival of the IT magazines
- Motaher Hossain Forhan, Editor & Publisher, The Monthly Computer Barta

    Motaher Hossain Forhan
Computer BARTA has started its insertion as an ICT magazine in the year of 1997. Our editorial focus was to help the people to learn IT and we used to publish regular articles, tutorials and learning sessions on different software solutions and hardware device.  That time Mr. Mustafa Jabbar (Honorable ICT Minister of our Country) was the president of Bangladesh Computer Samity. The budget of the year of 1997-98 was declared where the government announces the 45% of tax, vat, surcharge, retail vat and wholesale vat on Computer and Computer accessories. It was the black days but the ICT magazines were done excellent job by raising their voice against this announcement through its editorials, articles and news. BCS were stand strongly against such announcement also and this results positive. Government was bound to reduce the charge.  Magazines were the main source that time to get information and knowledge about IT   because internet was not available for all specially in district level.
Now number of government high officials and corporate leaders express their gratitude towards the magazines saying that they learnt a lot from the magazines during their university life when they did not have the opportunity to have mobile internet.
So the contribution of the IT magazine can not be ignored to develop the IT industry. Right now we have number of associations that working to develop the ICT industry. Once there was only a single association and it was BCS. We remembered the days when the BCS used to conduct IT Fair like now, allocated separate stalls for the magazine. So they also can promote their service considering the magazines contribution. But time has changed. Now Associations has a single connection with the magazine that is to send Press Release and invite them as media to cover their initiatives.  It is unfortunate that they get the subsidy to arrange expo but can’t offer such towards the magazine like the earlier. Sometimes they even overlooked the contribution of the magazines and ignored the community as a whole. This is really unexpected.
The survival of the IT magazine is really became harder as the hardware industry is still driven by import. We don’t have our own manufactures to produce the hardware so the industry is not as big as to get enough advertisement. We had more than 20 number of IT magazine in the market now we have only a few. The marketing strategy also been changed accordingly.
But the magazine industry need to be survived as it should be because the contribution of the IT magazine is huge to skill and aware our people in IT. We should not forget the days when we didn’t have the internet in our hand to learn and get updated. So the survival of the IT magazine needs to be cared by the government along with the stake holders also.
The Donation or subsidiary may comes from government or spaces could also be allocated in the hi-tech park for computer magazines R&D and Research cell.
Government should encourage editors and publishers of computer magazines to run smoothly their publication with subsidiary fund to do the industry research and develop the ideas to skilled our youth more in ICT.

Last Words:

IT based magazine deal with the latest news of information technology world. Sometimes they publish the particular issue on the different matter. These kinds of magazines are published weekly, quarterly or monthly. Presently most of the popular IT magazines have their owned web issue. Such magazines are dedicated to helping tech users of all experience levels get more from the hardware and software that's central to a PC-centric universe. They usually focus on mainstream PCs, gaming PCs and accessories, graphics cards, and PC games, the latest chips from Intel, AMD and Nvidia, WiFi routers, SSDs, keyboards, mice and other PC components and accessories and Windows, Office and other essential PC apps and utilities, from productivity to security. They also cover all things Android, the one mobile ecosystem that's deep and customizable—just like a PC. With incredible product knowledge built from years covering the consumer tech industry, IT magazines are uniquely positioned to tell savvy users what to buy and how to get more from their purchases. Therefore, undoubtedly it can be said that the IT magazines from which we are much benefited and which are much informative and productive, should have sustainable development and should be recognized too. It is the magazines through which we can dream of digital transformation. So, we can’t ignore its contribution towards getting digitalized.

The contribution of the magazines to help the ICT  industry to grow and reach such position is enormous that should not be  ignored
- Naznin Nahar, Editor & Publisher, The Monthly TechWorld Bangladesh

                Naznin Nahar
Once upon a time in 19th century, IT professionals and students who want to get advanced knowledge in IT used to wait for PCWorld Bangladesh, a magazine that was published locally as a francise of IDG. It was 1996 when Bangladesh got connected with the internet for the first time. Information Services Network Limited ( was the company to introduce the internet in Bangldesh as the first ISP ( Internet Service Provider) in our country. To offer the latest and advanced technology for the country and to educate the youth and professionls in advanced technology Banglanet brings IDG  in Bangladesh through PCWorld Bangladesh. Till its last edition (July 2011) PCWorld was the best ICT magazine in our country published in English. Its contrubution is remarkable to educate and aware people not only in local market but also in global. The readers group of the magazine was the corporates and young IT professionals and students and their desiring to have such quality magazine convinced me to introduce The Monthly Techworld Bangladesh in the year of 2011 (August) . The IDG was transformed into digital from the print, so PCWolrd Bangladesh was no longer allowed to publish in print. But the readers group and the magazine industry derserve such tech megazine to read. Since then Techworld Bangladesh has been serving the industry with its contents that focusing the industry development and academic transformation along with the individual success to inspire others to move in ICT.
To get the benefit of ICT English is must , considering this, Techworld has been publishing the English Language learning section along with the carieer guide line so that the readers could get all in a magazine. It is the only magazine in our country that consider kids as our future and published a kids magazine as supplement since a long time. The magazine helps the kid to be organized and work as team with the positive intention to use IT.
Besides readers, the magazine is a platform for vendors and software develpoers to project their requirments and demands. The unique IT magazine  will become a monthly reference magazine for the tech users. It will cover a full spectrum of hardware to software dealings, telecommunication to Wi-Max operations, academy to e-banking etc.
New users and professionals of the IT industry are waiting for a long time to read such a jargons free write-ups of the magazine and case-study approaches to researches. TechWorld Bangladesh is committed to improve IT efficiency that can improve corporate performance within the country. Every month the magazine prints best features, product reviews, e-governmence feedbacks, industry clips, readers openions, special story on real consumers, investigative reports, and extensive feedbacks on how to support the industry as well as the goveremnt for the sake of Digital Bangladesh.
The main income source of a magazine is advertisement revenue and its subscription. Once, the advertisement as per the hardware industry and the subscription were quite good to survive a magazine. But, the gradual transformation of Digitalization, the source of information and knowledge got changed. People love to hang out with their smartphone rather to read a magazine or even newspaper. They got everything in internet , more over the digital merketing and social media campaign directly became a threat for magazine advertisemetn and subscription. As a result, the revenue of the magazine declined and survival of such publication really became tough for the entreprenures.
But, the contribution of the magazines deserves a lot of attention both from the industry as well as from the government. Because the ICT sector has been considered such a sector that may earn revenue for the national economy like Readymade Garments and the contribution of the magazines to help the industry to grow and reach such position now should not be  ignored.
Once there were lots of young people in our country who learned computer by reading computer magazines. We have such nice publications like PC World Bangladesh, PC Quest, Computer Tomorrow, E-Biz, Computer World, Game Pro, Technology Today and more. But, those were stopped only because of the expenses which was more than its revenue.  But, the ICT movements were covered by those magazines more precisely and objectively that makes the policy-makers aware along with the young people to learn computer.
So,Government and stakeholder should come forward and support the megazine industry to survive. Once we servre the industry sothat it may grow now we need their support to survive . And it will not a favor rather we deserve it all along. Governemnt  can allocate tenders and government advertisements into the magazines. Government also can support the industry through same like other in infrastructural development. Even, the magazines can be engaged to encourage the developers of the industry with some data driven stories. It will help the industry to grow and also help the magazine to survive. So, it is high time to consider the issue seriously and support the industry to continue to exist.

Besides, for the survival of this magazine sector in our country, we can go with the following recommendations:

1. We need infrastructural support for the sustainability of our IT magazine sector.
2. The magazines need to be enlisted to have government tenders and other promotional campaign

3. The magazine deserves the discount offer to purchase paper to print magazine like the newspapers have.

4. The magazine authority could focus on proper marketing that is essential for the magazine ad revenue.
5. If incubation is applied for the magazine sector, it will take this sector ahead enough.
6. Besides incubation support, employee incentive fund support is also essential.
7. We may get the IT magazine sector engaged with different government initiatives, such as research or media monitoring system.
8. Need to make the people aware regarding the actual importance of IT magazines or print media.
9. The magazines should be more available and reasonably priced for the common people.
10. To attract the readers, content of the magazines must be authentic and enriched.
11. Considering the readers’ preference, we should fix the language of the magazines.
12. Besides government, private sector should also come forward to support IT magazine to survive.    

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