Bangladesh Post Office (Dhaka GPO) launched a digital commerce service though ‘e-Post’ at its 64 districts post offices on Tuesday (October 10).

A total of 100 smartphones were distributed in the program to make effective the delivery of e-commerce products through ‘e-post’. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed in this regard.

From its inception, e-Cab has been working firmly to move forward the e-Commerce sector of Bangladesh. With that goal, e-Post was introduced to assist the traditional delivery service companies of the country. e-Post is an online delivery service platform where digital delivery tracking, monitoring and autonomous supports are provided under the management of e-commerce businessmen and delivery service providers. In that continuation, Bangladesh Post Office is working with e-CAB jointly to provide countrywide e-Commerce delivery through a digital system.

E-commerce products have already been successfully sent to remote areas of the country under e-Post service through the Bangladesh Post Office. Under a piloting project in the initial stage, e-commerce products were sent to several post offices properly through some prominent e-commerce companies including,,, and using e-Post tracking system.

Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar attended the program as chief guest.

He hoped that e-Post will play a vital role in strengthening the digital commerce of Bangladesh.

Secretary to the same ministry Shyam Sunder Sikder said it will be a milestone for the country’s e-commerce sector, if the initiative is implemented successfully in post offices of 64 districts under the joint venture of Bangladesh Post Office and e-CAB.

Nahim Razzaq MP, in his speech, also hoped that e-post, which is a milestone project, will contribute to the development of local e-commerce.

Director General of the Bangladesh Post Office Sushanta Kumar Mandal said that keeping pace with the world the daily product delivery will go one step ahead through the e-post digital commerce service.

E-CAB President Shomi Kaiser said that e-commerce services will reach the remote areas through the post offices using the e-post service.

E-CAB General Secretary Mohammad Abdul Wahed Tomal said e-CAB is commitment to increase the quality of digital e-commerce service in Bangladesh while e-Post is a successful implementation of it.

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