Three new models of BMW luxury cars—BMW 530e, BMW 740Le xDrive and BMW X5 xDrive 40e have been unveiled in the local market here.

Executive Motors Ltd, Bangladesh’s lone importer of electricity powered iPerformance Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHV), has brought the models here.

Each of the cars imported from Germany costs Tk 2 crore 18 lakh, they said in a press briefing recently.

“These lubricant and electricity powered cars can run 33 kilometers, burning one liter of fuel,” said Operation section director of the importer company Dewan Muhammad Sajid.

“BMW is ensuring the maximum taste of driving cars propelled by electricity everyday. Use of all ultra-modern and latest functions has been ensured in these models,” he added.

The BMW 740Le xDrive has a 12-volt battery and it can run 30 kilometers per hour in full charge and without any fuel. The car will be automatically charging due to running by fuel and electricity.



The fuel capacity of the model is 46 liter. Highest speed is 100 km and 140 km in lowest per hour.

Each of the BMW Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle features iPerformance technology.

Technical support will be given the users for electric motor, battery cell and electric control system.

The customer will be provided the care free of costs for five years.

Executive Motors Ltd’s higher officials including its Sales section director Md Bazlur Rahman were present at the media brief.


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