Sometimes it seems that harassment over car parking knows no bound. But, if that is the case that we go somewhere by car and after placing the car in a particular space it gets parked automatically. It would really be amazing if it happened so and resultantly, there would be no traffic jam on roads due to car parking. Even, we wouldn’t need to listen harsh words of the traffic police. 

Considering this issue, a team of students from Bogra Polytechnic Institute has developed a car parking system which has been named ‘Automatic Car Parking System’. According to the project developers, basically traditional car parking system needs huge space, whereas this innovative car parking system doesn’t.

It would be possible to build up 100 rooms of standard size in a 10 storey building if numbers of small rooms made extending up to 4 feet 6 inch with 1 feet 6 inch cornice of any office or residential building of any municipal or city area. And besides, this system is to be installed to it in such a way that a screen will be displayed as soon as the driver takes the car to a particular point in which finger print and vehicle number are to be input and then a token will be come out and at a time the system will park the car in one of the 100 vacant rooms conveniently. That’s all. Now after completing essential tasks, holding the token in a particular device, the car will automatically come out of the room where it was parked.    

This parking system will be much cost and time effective. It is also environment friendly and suitable to office, residential buildings, airports, shopping malls, transit centers etc. One of the project developers is Mr. Abdur Rouf who is a student of Mechanical Department in Bogra Polytechnic Institute. Basically, due to parking in indisciplined way and having lack of sufficient parking arrangement, we usually face various troubles. So, considering reducing such harassments, they have developed such project. Image source-Banglanews24  

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