A campaign called ‘Valobasar Bangladesh’ (Bangladesh of Love) is going on to create positive Bangladesh content for social networking sites including Google-YouTube before celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh liberation.

“Typing Bangladesh on YouTube, we don’t see videos with positive content. With this campaign, we want to show a beautiful Bangladesh,” said Jesmine Jaman who attended the program.

The campaign website address is www.bhalobasharbangladesh.com.

Videos can be uploaded into the website till November 20.

The 1st prize of the campaign is an iPhone, while 2nd and 3rd participants get directors’ jacket everyday.

The judges will select 10 best videos from 60 videos of the 20 days.

The 10 best persons will get a laptop as well as the scope to work with cinema director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. The best 3 video makers will get Tk 10 lakh each.

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