Amazon will soon sell Apple products internationally for the first time on its platform, meaning customers could get products faster.

Macbooks, iPads and iPhones will become available from the online retailer in the UK as well as other countries in Europe, the US and Japan by Christmas.

Coupled with Amazon Prime membership, customers of the site could soon enjoy next day delivery on these products.

Amazon already sells Apple devices using third party merchants but pricing, return policies and customer service vary from vendor to vendor.

Existing listings will be removed from Amazon and firms affected will need to apply to Apple to become authorised sellers if they want to continue stocking its hardware.

The offer extends to all Apple products but does not include the Homepod, a smart speaker system that directly competes with Amazon's Alexa equipped Echo.

Apple's iPad is being sold though, because Amazon does not see its own tablet losing out to Apple's as it is aimed at the family-focused lower end of the market.

The new deal could mean that customers will get Macbooks, iPads and iPhones faster, perhaps than if Apple were delivering them, through Amazon.

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, the agreement gives Amazon more electronics from a leading device maker with highly sought-after products.

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