Bangladesh round of Telenor Youth Forum has ended on September 24, 2017 where two initiatives have been selected and they are ‘Platform Mukti’ and ‘Make Them Strong’. Platform Mukti developed by Mya Mo Khaying will work on women security while commuting. Mya Mo Khaying is a student of Business Administration at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) of Dhaka University.  

The other selected initiative ‘Make Them Strong’ will teach the refugees. This start up has been developed by Rakib Rahman, a student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Department of Dhaka University.

These two young students are going to take part in the final round of Telenor Youth Forum to be held in Norway in next December. While they will stay in Norway to participate in the final round, the winners are also supposed to get rewarded with the Nobel prizes at the same time in Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. They will also get the opportunity to attend the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony of this year.

Nobel Peace Center (NPC) in association with Telenor Group organizes Telenor Youth Forum. This contest is organized in 13 countries across the world. All the young boys and girls of 18 to 28 years of age are allowed to take part in this competition. The Bangladesh round of Telenor Youth Forum got started in May of the current year. Today our writing is about the two initiatives selected for the final round.

Platform Mukti

Website, Application (App) and Hotline Number-these are the three means through which Platform Mukti is to serve, as said Mya Mo Khying. But, what the service is about. You can get yourself updated about the current condition of the roads before going out. As a result, the user can take the decision which way he or she should take.

Basically, the users can get informed about the condition of the roads seeing the symbolic signs in the app ‘Platform Mukti’. Google Map too will get added to this app. Those who don’t have smart phones can get information calling on the hotline numbers. Besides, web version will also be available.

The initiative is still at the very initial stage. Mya Mo Khying said-Right now, they are thinking of the final round of Telenor Youth Forum. So, they are now up take preparations for that. They are now working on how their idea can get more developed. They are to start working of next level once they get investors. She said- I usually take part in debates. So, sometimes I am to get home very lately. Then everyone at home gets tensed. Besides, it is very normal in our country that family members often get in tension while the female members of a family are out of home. Considering these issues, I wanted to do something especially for the girls so that they can trace the secured way before going out of home and get to their destination without late and easily.

Even, in case of any dangers occurred in roads, help service will be always available for the users in the app or at the hotline numbers. It will also help to contact nearby police stations too.  

Make Them Strong

We must remember the innocent little child Aylan Kurdi whose photograph two years ago shook the conscience of many people across the world. Rakib Rahman too is one of them. From then, Rakib started thinking of doing something for the refugees that will be quiteeffective for the refugees in the long run. Thinking of this, he finally got a way out, as he said. But, what was that? He said-The refugees will get learned through multimedia contents, though it won’t be through any online means. That’s because they may not have such technology facility through which they will get learned. So, we will teach them visiting the refugee camps directly.

Rakib said-‘Make Them Strong’ will be a non-profit institution. Anyone can work over here as volunteer. Even, anyone can send multimedia textbooks to the refugee camps in case of staying remotely. But, what kind of content they will send for the refugees? His answer was-Refugees are gradually spreading across the whole world besides our country. So, we also would like to expand our activities throughout the world. So, the content has to be as per the languages and the curriculum of the country which they belong to. That’s why they will need volunteers from those respective countries. He also said- ‘Make Them Strong’ has already started their primary jobs. They are to start their activities by teaching the Rohingyas in our country. Source-Prothom Alo 

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