City University CSE Department organizes event on “Firefox Beta Bug Hunting” held on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at the University's permanent campus and Sunday, June 23, 2019 at City Campus computer laboratory. The event was conducted by Hossain Al Ikram - Mozilla QA Bangladesh community Lead, Rezaul Huque Nayeem - Mozilla QA Bangladesh community Lead, Sayed Ibn Masud - Mozilla QA Bangladesh community mentor, Md. Majedul Islam - Mozilla QA Bangladesh community mentor.

Md. Majedul Islam started the session by giving a short introduction of the Mozilla team of Bangladesh.Then Hossein Al Ikram discussed about Mozilla QA Bangladesh community.

Mozilla is an organization or foundation which is non-profit. And that exists to support and collectively lead the open source Mozilla project. The Mozilla Firefox Community works with firefox web. Then he described about the open source. It is a type of software which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants the user to study, change and distribute the software to anyone for any purpose. Mozilla is leading this kind of project. He discussed about web and web browser.Mozilla project is the Firefox browser which is also an open source browser. About 20 years ago we had to pay money for using a web browser. But now we are using it as free software. Mozilla is working on how we can use these web browser more efficiently and free with more functionality. He explained that how Mozilla respect our privacy and want to help us with a better web future we have been dreaming.

Then Sayed Ibne Masud added that Mozilla is helping us in many ways. Everyone can get help from the Mozilla website. But in return, we can also help Mozilla by taking part in the beta test of Firefox preview. This session also taught the students about QA (Quality Assurance) testing.

End of the session, he requested all of his audience to participate in a beta test of Firefox preview. All the audience who were in that event is attended on that beta testing. People who were able to find a bug in this application got a gift from Mozilla team. The event was Presided over by Computer Science and Engineering Department Head and Associate Professor Md Safaet Hossain, the event was attended by the Computer Science and Engineering Department's Coordinators, teachers and students. In the event, overall cooperation has been done by computer clubs and programming club mentors, moderators, executive members.


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