Bangladeshi multinational brand Walton has offered flat 10 percent discount for Nexus, Visa and Mastercards holders on purchasing its refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions and home appliances from tis online shop E-plaza. The offer is valid till August 20.

Tanvir Rahman, Executive Director and E-commerce In-charge of Walton Goup, said that the customers in the country as well as anywhere in the world can purchase products from placing their orders at They will get the discount offer for payment with Nexus, Visa and Mastercards.

The products purchased from online are being delivered to the customers from 326 Walton plazas across the country, he added.

According to Walton sources, customers have the opportunity to purchase over 150 models of attractive design and highest quality frost and non-frost refrigerators, 11 models of freezers and 2 models of beverage coolers from e-plaza.

Besides, 1, 1.5 and 2 tons of 17 models split Air conditioners are now available. Of these, 4 models of the smart ACs which are controllable through voice command and cellphone. There are over hundred of models 508 millimeters to 1.397 meters LEDs, smart and 4K smart television, air cooler, air fryer, cloth dryer, iron, washing machine, micro and electric oven, blender and juicer, electric kettle, rice cooker, water purifier, kitchen cookware and many more appliances available on e-plaza.

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