Country’s renowned tech brand, Tech Republic Limited has brought a dual-flash drive of Type C port with OTG function to the new generation MacBook or Ultrabook with a lifetime warranty. This Apacer AH180 Pendrive can be used with any smartphones and tabs. Its bandwidth will be 10 times faster and it will also reduce the waiting time for data exchange. Due to port C, there is no risk to be damaged or unplugged due to repeated opening. This 360° Swivel Cap Designed and American's Super Style Comics branded pen drive of 32GB capacity is priced at Tk 1,500 and Tk 2,900 for 64GB. Meanwhile, with 5 Gbps faster another OTG USB pen drive, AH179 of 32 Gb is priced at taka 1,400 and 64 Gb is taka 2,800.

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